As well as writing and editing, I am also a social media content creator. Here are some examples of my work over the past years:


I lad BuzzFeed UK most successful Black History Month with over 5 million views from original content in October 2017. I made a thread on Twitter to gain attraction to the project as well as creating a visual Twitter Moment that trended for days on the Moments page.

I created a magazine for women of all shapes and colours called Strong Young Thing in March 2016. I was a key member of building the social media accounts, I often tapped into groups on Twitter that resonated with out content and generated many viral tweets.

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While working at BuzzFeed UK I created innovated Instagram Stories cards to report on the general election 2017. I broke down each parties manifestos into bite size chunks, here an example of the Labour party’s promises.


For my weekly podcast that i co-host, produce and edit. I also create promotion graphics for Instagram Stories and Instagram as well as Facebook. There’s are all perfected to size using Photoshop.