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Victoria Sanusi is a 25-year-old writer, editor, podcaster, producer and social media content creator.

Her day job is the digital culture editor at The i Paper / iNews based in London where she writes about talking points online and commissions commentary pieces from diverse writers.

She was previously a news reporter at BuzzFeed UK where she often wrote about the black community especially black women. She led BuzzFeed UK's most successful Black History Month in 2017 producing over 5 million views from original content. 

Victoria co-host’s and produces a weekly podcast, Black Gals Livin, with her good friend Jasmine Braithwaite, the pair chat about pop culture and mental health and have surpassed 12,000 listens on Soundcloud since launching in October 2018.

She graduated from Brunel University in 2015, during university Victoria submitted many articles to the student paper, Le Nurb. She was then made Culture Editor in her last year where she won Editor Of The Year 14/15 and Student Media Person Of The Year 14/15. 

She often writes about memes, mental health and colourism. Her work has been published in several publications such as Bustle, Pride magazine, Uxbridge Gazette and The Voice. 

View her features and videos here. You can read of Victoria's work at BuzzFeed here.



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